Who is Colette Pervette?

“Who are you?” said the Caterpillar…

“I – I hardly know, Sir, just at present,” Alice replied rather shyly, “at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must’ve changed several times since then.”

-Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland


Who am I?

I’m Colette.

You might know me as a professional Dominatrix. I’ve been exploring the art of BDSM professionally for over 18 years. In my journey as a Domme, I spent the first decade of my career going deep into the practice of BDSM. Then I spent the last 8 years going inward and contemplating the theory behind the practice of BDSM and have since developed an alchemical philosophy and spiritual approach to the art of kink that I share through my work.

As an Educatrix, I teach the art of FemDom and BDSM. I have taught and guided hundreds of women and femmes to become the Dominatrix of their vision. I hold a PhD in Education from UC Berkeley, where my research focuses on misconceptions and conceptual change. Through my teaching and writing, I dispel misconceptions about kink, sexwork, and alternative sexuality. I lead an online course, MistressClass, where I teach aspiring Dommes a he(art)tistic approach to Female Domination. I teach womxn how to heal from heartbreak and channel their inner dominatrix in-person at weekend-long retreats and bootcamps. My soul work is to help womxn find their voice and bring back the power of the Feminine.

I am a multidimensional travel guide. As a Shamanatrix, I guide seekers through a healing and psychospiritual journey working with ritual and the potent medicine of the earth.

I am an intimacy and power coach. I help the curious get intimate with themselves by getting intimate with their desires. I work with the the potent force of our wildest dreams to create life changes and soul transformations.

I am a writer and Humanatrix. I believe what makes us human is our ability to tell stories, to share ourselves and to connect with others through our most intimate desires, thoughts and feelings. My writing plays with novel structures and different points of views. It touches upon the taboo and blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

I am a Creatrix. A lebenskunstler1the German word for “life artist” at heart, I love making everything my art. From the alternate realities I co-create in scene to designing naughty goods and even this website, I make art as a way to materialize my vision of a utopian future where spirituality and sexuality merge to uncover one’s truth and beauty. My art delves into the realm of dreams, sex, magic and power. It aims to inspire curiosity and play.

I sometimes appear in press and on podcasts, where I talk about kink, power and play. 

I enjoy making new connections, reading, making tea, being in nature and taking long breaks from social media. I am currently working on a book.