I’ve been quietly going inward these past few years, but I’m slowly emerging back on Twitter and Instagram (here and there).

Every now and then you might find me in the press or on a podcast..


“52 Hours at Breakup Bootcamp” in NY Times. This was the very first workshop I led. It was an incredible and revelatory experience. And somehow it was written up in the NY Times.

“Give Me More BDSM” in Playboy. I was interviewed by Playboy to talk about BDSM and consent culture.

“A Bootcamp Promises to ‘Heart Hack’ the Sting of Breakups” in Playboy.  I think it was here that I topped the writer, Beatrice, and I might have taken my bra off and smothered her with my breasts?

Can a shaman cure my fear of normalcy?” in Vogue. My giant crush, Karley Sciortino, wrote about her experience hanging out with me and smoking DMT.

“5 Sex Workers Describe How They Came out to Their Families” in  Attn.com. Here I talk about my experience being outed by my sister to my mom.

“9 sexworkers on their lives in the wake of FOSTA” in  Huffington Post. I was a little disappointed how my words got distorted here. If you want, you can read what I actually wrote and how it got decontextualized by the writer.



Grow Big Always: A dominatrix smokes toad venom and loses her ego. This was the very podcast interview I’ve ever done. I talk about my experience on 5meodmt as well as my experiences as a Dominatrix. It was here that I realize how great it feels to put my voice out there.

Touchpoint: Getting in Touch with your Fantasies with Colette Pervette. This was the first time I met Jared, the host of Touchpoint. He’s a sweetie, but Jesus, I wish I brought my gag with me. If you can listen through to the end, there is a payoff moment when I eventually got to quiet him.

APEX Radio. The After Dark Show with Domina Colette.  It was fun being on the radio. Here I got to talk about the Asian American / Dominatrix experience.

Mindlove: The surprising psychology of BDSM with Colette Pervette. In this interview, we delved into the psychology of BDSM.