Colette Pervette in the Media


I’ve been quietly going inward these past few years, but I’m slowly emerging back on Twitter and Instagram (here and there). Every now and then you might find me in the press or on a podcast..




Top 10 Visionary Educators of 2024″ in  I’m so pleased to be chosen as a top visionary educator and “champion of transforming lives.” My “edutaining” style of teaching in MistressClass is featured in

“Breakup bootcamp allows you to turn your pain into power” in LA Times. My BDSM workshop on alchemizing your pain into your power at Breakup Bootcamp was featured in the LA Times. “It was a workshop that many participants including myself, felt offered an ‘a-ha’ moment.”

“52 Hours at Breakup Bootcamp” in NY Times. The first workshop on Power that I led was at Breakup Bootcamp. It was written up in the NY Times. “With Colette Pervette we talked about- among so much else-sex, fantasy, communication, and shame.”

“Give Me More BDSM” in Playboy. I was interviewed by Playboy to talk about BDSM and its influence on consent culture. “How we as a culture accept BDSM is indicative of how open we are to the expression of sexual freedom overall.”

“I went to a Breakup Bootcamp and It Changed My Life” in Men’s Health. “The most memorable talk was from dominatrix Colette Pervette, who taught us to think of BDSM as a metaphor.”

“Can a shaman cure my fear of normalcy?” in Vogue. Karley Sciortino recounts her trippy experience with me as she contemplates her fears and desires. “What makes Colette so special is that I learn more from her and evolve quicker with her than I have with any other.”

“A Bootcamp Promises to ‘Heart Hack’ the Sting of Breakups” in Playboy. The writer shares her heart-healing experience at Breakup Bootcamp where she was also taught a lesson by me. “Standing masked before us in black lingerie and stilettos, Colette called for a volunteer, to which I eventually responded..”

“9 sexworkers on their lives in the wake of FOSTA” in Huffington Post. I talk about how SESTA/FOSTA is negatively effecting sexworkers. What I wrote and shared (that got cut out) was much longer speaking to how different SW are effected by SESTA/FOSTA in more nuanced ways.

“Singletons mend their broken hearts at breakup bootcamp” in The Times. My workshop on Power was featured in the London Times.

“5 Sex Workers Describe How They Came out to Their Families” in I share my experience of being outed as a Dominatrix to my mom.



Double Teamed: House Boys and Blood Play. I get into the edgy side of kink with Cami and Niki.

Double Teamed: Colette brought her sub. I return on Double Teamed with my sub Ben to talk about our D/s relationship, figging, and more

Girls Gotta Eat: BDSM for Beginners. I give a quick and dirty tutorial on kink, how to get started and have fun exploring bdsm.

Awakened Love: Rediscover your Power through Kink. I talk to Angel about power dynamics, surrender and following your desires.

Life is a Festival: Why are all my Friends Becoming Dominatrixes?. Eamon and I discuss the origins and motivations of kink as he role-plays a potential sub seeking a session.

Lelo Podcast: The World of BDSM.  I discuss with other sexperts the bedroom habits from the other side of the fence.

Sex Love Psychedelics: BDSM for Spiritual Transcendence. Dr. Cat and I discuss kink as spiritual transcendence, embodying power and more.

Sluts and Scholars: MistressClass with Colette Pervette. We talk about my spiritual approach to kink, how to find your inner Domme and more.

Unmistakeable Creative: Finding Power in Pain and Freedom in Bondage. I share my origin story and talk about the paradox of kink.

Velvet’s Edge: On How to Step into Your Power. I chat with Kelly and Chip on how to find your power by not being in control, but rather releasing control.

Mindlove: The surprising psychology of BDSM with Colette Pervette. Diving into the psychology and benefits of BDSM.

La Maison du Rouge: Interview with Educatrix Colette Pervette. I chat with my friend Dia Dynasty about the power of fantasies.

Grow Big Always: A dominatrix smokes toad venom and loses her ego. Talking about ego death and my experiences as a Dominatrix.

Touchpoint: Getting in Touch with your Fantasies with Colette Pervette. Chatting with Jared about pervy fantasies and the importance of kink.

APEX Radio. The After Dark Show with Domina Colette.  I share my experience of being an Asian American Dominatrix.