Hello. I’m Colette.

I curate magical journeys

by working and playing with your potent dreams

and helping you find your unique path

to realizing your innermost desire.

I do this by getting intimate with you

and creating a safe space for

you to explore and express

your soul urge for

power, pleasure

and love.


To guide you into doing the Great Work1of Self-Transformation

I appear in many forms..

I’m a Dominatrix.

I shamelessly bring out your erotic nature and make your kinky fantasies come true.

I’m an Educatrix.

I use BDSM as a tool to guide you through your shadow work to help you find your truth and power.

I’m a Domme Mom.

I guide you into channeling your Inner Domme and mentor you into becoming a professional Dominatrix.

I’m a Shamantrix.

I guide you into a spiritual journey of healing yourself through the power of plants, heart medicine, and ritual.

I’m a Humanatrix.

I teach the art of love and intimacy by guiding you into doing the dance of being in an open and heart-expanding relationship with me.

I’m a Creatrix.

I inspire you to dream big. Together we work and play with your visions to create the future of your dreams. I offer “life-changing” choices that bring you closer to your unique path and purpose. I push you to live the story you want to tell.

If some part of you is resonating with some part of me

And you want to play with me2in my virtual and physical playground

Then let’s go


Down The Rabbithole