Dear Mistress,


Are you ready to step into your power

And lead with your desire?

Are you ready to play with dreams

and make them come true?

Are you ready to be worshipped

for the Goddess that you are?


If the answer is a full body yes

then you’re ready for..



An immersive virtual course

where I show you every step it takes

to become a Dominatrix

and come into your full power


The Dominatrix is an archetype of a femme in power.

She knows what she wants and has a wide toolkit of tricks

and skills to draw from to realize fantasies

and create her own reality.


MistressClass is a two monthlong mentorship journey

that guides you through the deep work of finding

your inner power and bringing it out to play

as you learn the practical skills

that a Dominatrix uses

in and outside the dungeon.

In MistressClass, you’ll be learning

the craft of the Dominatrix:

fantasy, power, play and transformation.

You’ll develop a new magnetic alter ego,

step into your sensual power

as you step into a virtual dungeon

and play with devoted subs.

You’ll also be exploring the wide range

of tools and practices a Dominatrix utilizes

to create deep and meaningful play

for herself and her subs.




What you’ll learn:

The sacred healing art of kink

Find your voice and lead with your desire

Turn erotic fantasies (and big life dreams) into reality

Build trust and intimacy in power exchange (and all relationships)

Master power dynamics in and outside the dungeon

Skillful communication of your desires, feelings and boundaries

Create a safe space to deepen intimacy and erotic play

Bring out the magnetic and powerful side of yourself in the bedroom, dungeon and beyond

Play with the essential kink tools, toys and techniques

Craft a deep and meaningful arc/journey in erotic play

Bring playmates deep into subspace and create a cathartic release

Decode the symbolic power behind each element of BDSM to access your power in your play and everyday life

Gain the keys and secrets to lifelong play and pro domme success

What You’ll Receive 

6 Sunday Lessons, 2 hours each

Optional After Class Q&A

Coven Night ceremony

Virtual field trip into my private dungeon

Live shadow session demos with my sub

Domme Take Home Practices and Mystery Missions

Unlimited access to all recorded lessons and coven night

Gain multiple perspectives and pro-tips on kink from guest Dominatrixes

Connect in a community of Mistresses through multiple channels covering an array of topics in the MistressClass Discord server

MistressClass gift package which includes the Pervette tote bag, lace veil, coven night kit and other goodies

 Dates and Times

You might have to skip church for this..

Sunday School Lessons

Begin on March 20, 2022

10am-12pm PST

Optional After Class Q&A

12:00-12:30pm PST

Class is every other Sunday

3/20, 4/3, 4/17, 5/1, 5/15, 5/29

Coven Night

Gather for a special coven

on the Full Moon of


6-7pm PST

If you would like to be a part of this, just say yes to your desire..