Dear Mistress,


Are you ready to step into your power

And lead with your desire?

Are you ready to play with dreams

and make them come true?

Are you ready to be worshipped

for the Goddess that you are?


If the answer is a full body yes

then you’re ready for..



An immersive virtual Dominatrix class

where I show you every step it takes

to become a Dominatrix

and come into your full power.


The Dominatrix is an archetype of a femme in power.

She knows what she wants and has a wide toolkit of tricks

and skills to draw from to realize fantasies

and create her own reality.


MistressClass is a two month-long Dominatrix mentorship

that guides you through the deep work of finding

your inner power and bringing it out to play

as you learn the practical skills

that a Dominatrix uses

in and outside the dungeon.

In MistressClass you’ll be learning

the craft of the Dominatrix:

fantasy, power, play and transformation.

You’ll develop a new magnetic alter ego,

step into your sensual power

as you step into a virtual dungeon

and play with devoted subs.

You’ll also be exploring the wide range

of tools and practices a Dominatrix utilizes

to create deep and meaningful play

for herself and her subs.




What you’ll learn:

The sacred healing art of kink

Find your dominant voice and lead with your desire

Turn erotic fantasies (and big life dreams) into reality

Build trust and intimacy in power exchange (and all relationships)

Master power dynamics in and outside the dungeon

Cultivate your own unique Dominant style and persona

Create a safe space to deepen intimacy and erotic play

Bring out the magnetic and powerful side of yourself in the bedroom, dungeon and beyond

Safely and skillfully play with the essential kink tools, toys and techniques1which includes flogging and single tail, fundamental bondage and Shibari ties, verbal domination, cock & ball torture, nipple torture, electroplay, prostate massage, strap-on anal play and more

Craft a deep and meaningful arc/journey in erotic play

Bring playmates deep into subspace and create a cathartic release

Gather the fundamentals & pro tips of starting your business and career as a pro Domme

Decode the symbolic power behind each element of BDSM to access your power in your play and everyday life

Gain the keys and secrets to lifelong play and pro Domme success


What You’ll Receive 

6 Live Sunday Lessons, 2.5 hours each (replays available)

Optional After Class Q&A

Coven Night ceremony

 2 Pro Domme Biz Teatime Chats

Virtual field trip into my private dungeon

Live shadow session demos with my subs

Dommework assignments and creative challenges

Unlimited access to all recorded lessons and calls

Gain multiple perspectives + pro-tips on kink & topping from guest Dominatrixes

Connect in a Domme sisterhood community through the MistressClass Discord

Invitation to the MistressClass in person Domme Tea Party

MistressClass gift package


 Dates and Times

Sunday School Lessons

Class begins on October 13th and is held every (almost) other Sunday

10/13, 10/27, 11/10, 11/24, 12/8, 12/15,

10am-12:30pm PST

Optional After Class Q&A

12:30-1pm PST

Coven Night

Gather virtually for a special coven

on the Full Moon of

November 15th

5:00-6:30pm PST


Pro Domme Biz / Teatime Chat

Let’s get into the business of our lives

Bring your tea and questions to our optional

Pro Domme Business Teatime Chat

Thursdays: Oct 24th & Nov 21st

3:00-5:00pm PST



Enrollment for the Fall MistressClass is currently open.

Apply before July 21st to join us for a special intimate summer

Pre-class call on Sunday, July 21st at 10am PST

Where I’ll share with you the roadmap to becoming a Domme

and answer all of your questions.

If you’re ready to begin your Domme journey

Just say yes to your desire..


Apply early to receive the $888 special.

Once all the early bird spots are filled, the tuition will rise to $1111.

MistressClass Testimonials


MistressClass is an oasis of seen-ness, community, and the most unexpected & magical lessons. Through delivering insight & education for beginner and professional Dommes alike, Colette weaves together such beautiful community….this is truly a container of powerful femmes ready to dig deep to embody their wholeness, and lift one another up along the way. If you are seeking to jump through a portal into a world where we see, feel, and heal the dark feminine archetype & build sisterhood, MistressClass is that portal.

~Domina Natalia

MistressClass was such a lovely experience, Colette shares so many different aspects about how to become a Dominatrix from a personal self-exploration journey all the way to the business aspect. Mistress Colette’s teaching style is so authentic and heart-centered. She truly shares everything that she knows and in addition to that, she invites so many guest speakers. This was so helpful in expanding my knowledge and to be able to learn from all the different flavors that Domme work has to offer. I absolutely recommend this course for anyone who wants to explore BDSM dynamics and embrace your power.

~Mistress Lilith Noir

If you are ready to take the next step in your life, this is it. MistressClass is more than just learning the ropes of becoming a Domme, it offers a safe space to completely relish in who you choose to be. Every class has taught me more and more about myself, and has broken down walls I didn’t even know were there. I was able to step into a power I’ve always dreamed of. Not only was this transformative within, this extended to every aspect of my life. Relationships, work, family, you name it. Stepping into your power and feeling solid within yourself and what you want, has been the greatest take away. The sisterhood, the amazing teachers who spoke, the live sessions, the rituals. Everything. Absolutely worth the money, every fucking dime. Do yourself a favor and choose yourself and your future, MistressClass absolutely will help you.

~Lady Wren

Take this class!!! It is LIFE CHANGING. Each class is therapy, learning, unlearning, and building such a beautiful community. This blew my expectations out of the water, and I would take this class again in a heartbeat.


Mistress Colette is an expert in all the technical and business aspects of being a professional domme, but more than that, she is an expert in radical love and sacred feminine power. Her big heart shines through in all of her teachings, her lectures, her sharing, her listening. This is the most safe space to create a sisterhood while also getting the most incredible amount of information on kink and domme work. I wish this class never ended!

~Mistress Vesper

I came into MistressClass thinking this was a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom and to learn more about the kink community. I very quickly realized just how deeply spiritual and healing this modality is. I felt cocooned in sisterhood as I explored these parts of myself and worked through trauma and I am so grateful for the container that Mistress Colette holds. I think every adult who wants a healthy sex life should go through this – even if they never plan on being a professional domme.

~Domina Fleur

Joining MistressClass was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I felt pulled to it in an illogical way — like I knew this was meant for me. Wild & mind blowing things began to unfold for me as I stepped deeper into my Domme power. This container was a space of play, exploration & permission. It was everything I needed & more. I highly recommend following that inner magnetic pull & joining MistressClass.
Your inner Domme will be more than pleased.


~Mistress Rose

MistressClass was mind altering and life changing. I use what I learned every day in both my personal and my bdsm worlds; which are quickly merging into one lovely existence and I am delighted. Reclaiming myself and my power through MistressClass has been the greatest gift. Invest in yourself!

~Goddexx Persephone

MistressClass has been the catalyst for my growth and expansion as a pro-domme and a female entrepreneur on the path of destigmatizing shame and creating safe places for play/healing/growth. Colette is incredible, not only for her skills but her intellect. She’s gone deep on her journey which allowed me to access my own. Her guidance through my own psyche allowed my parts to trust me even more as I take them on this journey. This is my life’s work and it’s all so clear now. The divine channel of creativity is moving through me consistently and I feel free…which i exactly what I want everyone to experience.

~Mistress Mia

MistressClass is a true alchemical journey. I wasn’t expecting a sexual healing going in to this but it certainly unfolded in the most elegant and surprising ways. Mistress Colettes transmission of power and compassion are otherworldly. Expect magick, healing and a delicious new array of skills for your path as a Dominatrix! I am dreaming bigger dreams after MistressClass!


Mistress Class was the best decision! Mistress Colette is not only amazing at teaching the skills of a Domme, but she is wicked sharp and vulnerable at the same time. As someone with a PhD myself, I love learning from an academic point of view, as well as a heart-centered perspective. Mistress Colette does both. Whether you want to become a Domme or not, I highly recommend taking this incredible course.

~Mistress Cole

MistressClass opened my eyes to the multi-dimensional world of BDSM and Domming. All my curiosities were answered and I felt like a sponge absorbing all this new information each week. After the classes I felt energized and powerful from the talks, the learnings, and the self work. Thank you for the generosity in time from you and your guest speakers answering all of our questions. I feel like I’m ready to put forth the new and evolved Me into this world.

~Mistress Loa

MistressClass stretched me to my limits, in the way a Dominatrix does. I oscillated between discomfort and excitement, awe, and the profound sensation of being unraveled. This class extends an invitation to dive as deeply as you dare and to question your convictions, all while being encircled by a fiercely supportive and open-minded group of women on their own journeys toward liberation. My discovery of MistressClass felt like divine intervention. If you’re reading this and sense the stirrings of inner power calling to you, just as I did before taking the leap, know that this experience is meant for you too.

~Domina Vesper

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is this class held?

This course is a virtual course so everything is held online.
There will also be an optional in person MistressClass graduation party at the end of the course held in the Bay Area, California to give us an opportunity to meet in the flesh, celebrate our graduation and play together!


I live outside of the US and the time zone difference makes it hard for me to attend the live class. Can I still participate if I can’t make it to the live class?

Yes, all the classes will be recorded and you will have unlimited access to the replays and can watch them at your convenience. I’ve had several Mistresses, who were based in Australia and Asia, participated in the course by watching the replays. From their experience, they felt like they received the full transmission through the recordings. I think as long as you watch the replays in a timely manner and keep up with your Dommework, and stay connected with the other Mistresses through the MistressClass Discord server, you won’t miss a beat.


Is this class for those who have no experience in kink or is it for those who want to become a professional dominatrix.

This class is geared towards those who don’t have any experience in kink and want to explore their dominant side AND it’s also directed towards those who are interested in becoming pro dommes. As that was my path. I was completely new to kink when I first started working as a pro domme. But all the steps that I took to learning the craft of becoming a pro domme was the most complete crash course into kink and finding my power that I needed. So what I created in MistressClass mirrors my journey into exploring kink and channeling my inner Domme. It’s a wholistic course in the art of topping and as well as finding your voice and learning how to play with your power.


Is this class open to nonbinary folks?

Yes, MistressClass’ curriculum is geared towards exploring the power of the feminine. Thus the class is open to all women, queer nonbinary femmes and trans femmes.


Where can I learn more about MistressClass?

You can learn more about MistressClass, find the lineup of current guest Domme speakers and get the latest updates on MistressClass through my instagram @colettepervette.

MistressClass Testimonials

This class has been life changing! Energetically, Colette is doing deeply important spiritual work. I see the alchemy in her own life, and getting the chance to study under her has brought me so much clarity, direction, inspiration, and personal growth. Thank you endlessly for the magic you do!

~Princess M

If you have the chance to take this course, this is your cue to immediately sign up! Between learning various domination techniques in different styles, forming amazing friendships, meeting Pros and picking their brains, as well as other surprises you would love to experience, this course goes above and beyond.
I would take it again in a heartbeat!


~Mistress Soleil

MistressClass is here to take you to your edge if you allow it to. This is a journey of an individual surrounded by the sexiest and most supportive community. I found MsitressClass by divine design never knowing of Colette. As I read her words, everything in my being knew “this is for me”. Every click, word read, podcast heard that night was resonate with my soul. As a Sex and Intimacy Liberation Coach I have known that BDSM was to be woven into my work as it is in my personal life. I joined the class to activate more power in my life for business, finance and myself. I have finished the class with SO MUCH MORE than I could’ve ever imagined. I have unlocked doors in my heart that lead to a more expanded existence for lifetimes to come. Thank you to every Mistress and of course, Colette for creating this space, supporting everyone in SW and truly showing up to RISE TOGETHER.


~Mistress Storm

Taking this course dovetailed with many other areas of change in my personal life, it was the perfect medicine at the perfect time. Mistressclass has allowed more spaciousness for my unabashed essence to shine through in social interactions new and familiar. Each cleverly crafted gentle step helped me ease into connecting with my inner Domme in a sweet way that felt exciting, natural and at times a little challenging.The biggest takeaway Mistressclass has gifted me is an understanding of the spectrum of being a dominatrix. I can now tap into something so authentic to who I naturally am that it doesn’t feel as though I have to step into character. Thank you Mistress Colette for your heart centered life changing offering!

~Liberty Bound

It took me two years of circling around this course to finally commit to myself enough to take it, and I am so glad that I did. This course addressed an uneasy part of me that was feeling unfulfilled in my life introducing me to desires that I didn’t even know I had! The lessons are fun clear and informative, weaving together practical training with deep wisdom. Being a part of a group of such powerful people looking to expand and grow together feels absolutely electric. One million percent recommend!

~Mistress Jennifer

If there’s any slight feeling of hesitation you have right now reading through these testimonials and deciding if you’re really cut out for this, this is your sign to drop all of those fears. Mistress Colette has shown us that this course truly is for everyone – all ages, all sexualities, all ethnicities, all experience levels, and all desires. This course is an investment through and through. It was an investment in myself, learning about and loving the part of me that has always had an innate curiosity for all things Femdom. I came into this course during a really tumultuous part of my life, and it really was a safe space for me to connect, reflect, and learn during a time I desperately needed that consistent, safe space. I have been and will continue recommending this course to all of my friends – come unlock your power!!

~Mistress Mercy

Mistress Colette is an incredible person, teacher and Domme. What a privilege and an honor to sit under her teaching! Her soul is so beautiful and her heart for this work is evident. She is an experienced Domme without question and I learned so much from observing her and sitting under her teaching. She has a beautiful way of lifting you up and encouraging you to reach for more. Mistress Colette makes sure you feel heard, cared for and supported in this journey. I especially appreciated how welcoming she was of those just starting out and how she encouraged us to be brave enough to be the fool, while knowing we are the magician – the fulfiller of dreams.

~Lady D

If you are thinking of taking this class to remove the obstacles to be in your power, this is the right place to be. Mistress Colete will guide you to replace your trepidation for confidence and competence. This is one of the best investments I made for myself.

~Dommx Sirenity

For the future Mistresses,
Just know that this beautiful journey will both be the answer and ask so many more questions that you will just want to keep diving deeper into yourself and the human psyche to become a fuller, more divine version of yourself. Whatever you put into this course – in terms of time, sincerity, courage – you will receive ten-fold. So don’t ask yourself if, ask yourself when. And do this when you feel you are most at need of a gentle push onto to your Domme path.

~Lady Ellana

As someone fairly new to the kink and bdsm community, I found MistressClass to be more than I could have ever expected. I went into the class thinking I’d come out with practical knowledge and tools, but Mistress Colette gave us so much more. She provides a roadmap for discovering your inner Domme and how to express her inside and outside of the dungeon /container. I’ve built not only a practical toolbox of knowledge and toys, but also confidence, self love, and ability to connect with people.


If you are ever in doubt about who you are or where you stand in this world or are just looking for female empowerment. Take this class whether you are a professional Domme or a housewife, it will do wonders for you. Best thing I’ve ever signed up for!!!
Thank you Mistress Colette!

~Mistress Electrix

MistressClass helped me gratify that this work is my passion and there is so much to learn in a group setting. Connecting with so many other woman felt like a sisterhood I did not know existed. Every class, my heart and mind opened more to the possibilities of this world and work. Collette brings in her own subs and fellow Dominatrix colleagues to show us full circle every time of play and Dominatrix there are in the world. By doing this, I felt it help inspire how I could cultivate my own definition and world to invite people into. I want to continue to support MistressClass and my fellow sisters in all their Power. The sisterhood created in this class made me feel like there is a place I belonged. There is nothing but support in the discord channel we all connect in and there is so much Power in that. From this class I have some powerful tools to work on creating my professional dominatrix business and being a bad ass powerful sexy woman in all aspects of my life.

~Miss Lady Lynx

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