Alright, Lady..

Do you want to be a Dominatrix?

Do you want to make fantasies come true?

Do you want to wield your power through your sexuality?

Do you want to be worshipped, adored and served like a Goddess?

Do you want to make men fall to their knees and hang on to your every word?

Uhhh…who doesn’t?


Then hold tight..because I’m launching


An immersive online course, where I will take you into my dungeon and show you the ropes on how to become a Dominatrix..


This course is a monthlong journey that guides you through both the practical steps of being a Dominatrix and the personal inner work of finding your Inner Domme and bringing her out to play.

I’m going to show you every step it takes to step into your fullest power..

What you’ll learn:

Every practical and necessary step it takes to be a Dominatrix (professional, lifestyle, or for fun)

How to bring out the sexy, confident and playful side of yourself in the bedroom or dungeon

How to dress, speak, and embody the Domme while finding your unique style

How to play with another’s fantasies while staying true to yourself and your pleasure

How to create a safe fun space for role-playing and fantasy exploration

How to skillfully communicate and negotiate one another’s desires, feelings and boundaries

How to set the mood, tone, and space for play

How to use the essential kink tools and toys

Sequencing the arc of a scene: How to start, play though and end a session

How to turn a session into a transformational journey

How to bring your sub into deep subspace

Master power dynamics in and outside the dungeon

Decode the symbols and practice the art of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline / Dominance & Submission /Sado-Masochism) in your play and everyday life

Gain the keys and secrets to lifelong play and pro domme success

What you’ll get:

Four Sunday Lessons, 90 min each

Additional AMA (Ask Mistress Anything) Forum

Virtual field trip into my dungeon

Live shadow session demos with my sub

Domme Take Home Practices and Mystery Missions

Pervette tote bag, lace veil, and other goodies

Dates and Times

You might have to skip church for this..

Sunday school lessons

Start this Fall (Exact dates TBD)

10:00am-12:00pm PST

This is still hot off the press..more details, video reel, and registration to come..


If you’d like to rsvp, just share your dream with me¬†and tell me you want to be a Domme..!