You may be wondering,

what’s going on?


Don’t worry

You’re in a safe space.

Feel free to start anywhere

And go wherever you want to go

Deeper is always better

But don’t forget to look back.

Everything here is eventually changing

Because Pervette is a







About Pervette..

Hi. I’m Colette. And Pervette is my passion project that’s still in its nascent stage. Pervette started as a community blog and then evolved into where you are now-a limitless transmedia labyrinth that’s trying to reveal the connections between people and ideas.

For me, Pervette is my process of coming out through a collection of stories, knowledge, and art told through layers. For you, I hope Pervette can be an intimate playground for choosing your own adventure. My hope is that it’ll continue to grow into a community-based book of art and wisdom and become your living guide to kink, life, love, death, suffering, spirituality, the taboo1basically everything worth knowing and more. I’d love for Pervette to be a resource for seekers and a home for healers whose voices have yet to be heard.

I created this private space so that I can talk about the things that happened (and the choices I made) that changed my life. And it’s my wish that these words and imagery may inspire you to choose the story you want to live to tell.


To another version of what I think pervette is

Back to when you said yes

Or get ready to play