MistressClass Testimonials

MistressClass was an incredible journey that helped me grow in confidence, embrace and cultivate my inner Domme, and share it openly with others. Also, it was amazing to just feel part of a beautiful community who share similar goals and desires. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every session, which has covered vast scope from psychology, techniques, verbal domination, different domme styles and much more. I highly recommend the course and Mistress Colette is a huge inspiration to Domme’s everywhere, thank you so much!

~Queen Jezebel

MistressClass is a robust class where your power meets your technical skills; it takes a concept and teaches you to acknowledge your discomfort with it, embrace your power connected to it, practice practice practice, and implement your skills into your personal journey. It is one of the most resourceful online Domme trainings I have come across. I got exactly what I was looking for from it related to developing my technical capabilities and toolkit as a Domme, but was also challenged to learn who I am as myself AND my persona, and claim it proudly. Colette encourages you to learn your story first and lead the rest of your life with an unwavering pride. You will learn to lead an authentic life and apply it in all aspects; Femdomme, work, personal relations… so long as you uncover the truth of your desires, you will have the tools you need to shed the shame that as kept you boxed up this long. Colette holds your hand and walks you through the journey to the center of your magic, so you can carry others through their own as well. She is an incredible teacher with endless impactful stories, resources, and a heart of gold. I am happy to leave this course confident a and knowing the ins and outs to hold a session or tap into my own power.

~ Serenity Fatale

For a complete novice in kink, I found MistressClass to be an incredible alternative look into doing the challenging self-work that may not be found in traditional therapy or practices. That is not to say that Domina Colette doesn’t look at the actual business of kink work — her dedication and breakdown of the class to set up successful, professional dommes is a full toolbox that is sharp, matter-of-fact, and always supportive. This is led by example with her cadrette of other exceptional female dommes leading the way, with a true and profound women-supporting-women culture that is refreshingly — and unsurprisingly for the genre — culturally progressive.

~ Lady One

I joined the class the week I took my first paid session after hearing Colette on a podcast. I was yearning for a space to connect with other Dommes and learn more as I went pro and was finding it challenging to make any connections online. The class helped give so much insight in the early days and each week I was grateful to have the space to ask Colette and the other sisters if there were areas I needed support and lacked clarity. The tasks helped me gain clarity on developing my Domme persona, and speaking with the subs being so much more open to sharing then my own subs helped me also. Each class was packed out with so much wisdom, I really got excited for it each week. Thank you Colette for creating this and sharing your wisdom


~Mistress Mary Volturri

I honestly didn’t really know what a domme was when I signed up, and I just knew it was a fuck yes in my nervous system. I’m so glad I did. There are some aspects of being a Domme that doesn’t resonate with me, but I took the profound wisdom and knowledge Colette has shared and turned it into my own unique flavor. I now use it in my sex coaching to teach men how to be more dominant with their wives. I’ve taken the knowledge and am supporting couples to have more kink and sexual polarity in their lives. Even if you don’t want to become a professional Domme, this course will inspire parts of yourself to be developed that you may not even know need to be. Just do it! You won’t regret it.

~ Priestess Rose

You are truly an inspiration and the course has equipped me with tools, knowledge, and perhaps more importantly psychological safety to explore this aspect of myself with other women from all different walks of life, all of which has been invaluable for me. Over a short period, you’ve exposed us to so much – from the rich spectrum of domme styles to a taste of the multilayered experience that playing with the D/s dynamic can be. I also deeply appreciate your generosity in allowing us to interact with and learn from your domme and sub connections. I feel your enthusiasm for the Mistresses in the class through the course that you have created for us so thank you again for this work!

~Temptress Aurora

MistressClass was a fun and edgy course. I went into it as a complete novice, with the intention of exploring my relationship with power. I came out of MistressClass with practical knowledge of BDSM techniques, philosophies, ethics, business advice, and the deep spiritual experience of naming and channeling my inner domme. Connecting with the MistressClass community has been uplifting and empowering. I am proud to be a part of this bold movement.

~Victress Percy

 Colette, I really wanted to make sure you knew. Having you teach the practical tools and lessons – especially for flogging and prostate/ass play was CRUCIAL in my journey. I don’t know how else I would have safely learned that. You made it so fun to learn which activated all of the right parts of my brain to take it in. Thank you so much for how much information you gave during MistressClass. I feel very prepared!


~Domina Vesper

Dear Colette, I’m deeply impressed by your gentle being guiding me to the edges. I felt safe and supported and I very much appreciated that you were sharing so openly. I loved the whole composition of Mistress Class with the discord channel, the guest speakers, your subs and all the resources you provided us. Thank you for eternity. Yours, Anouk.

~Anouk LaReine

Mistress Colette opens and creates a powerful, sacred and safe space for expansion and vulnerability. She shines her heart open, leading with love and care. I’ve learned so much about myself and my purpose through the teachings and community in this class. I feel more access to my inner power and ability to create change in my life. Thank you Mistress Colette, you are an inspiration!

~Mistress Kaia Luna

What an amazing, transformational experience! I have always felt comfortable in my own skin, but this class took me to new heights in my ability to embody my sensual and sexual femme side. I have a much clearer understanding of my boundaries, my desires and my power 🖤

~Domina Dea

If you feel afraid of your power or uncomfortable yelling it, this is the class you! Colette is inspiring and captivating and she brings in a team of unique, powerful individuals to help guide you on your way to self empowerment. It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I can’t not recommend it enough🖤


~Mistress Dee

Colette’s MistressClass helped me to reconnect with my sensuality and power that had been suppressed for decades due to religious indoctrination and societal expectations. It has been Instrumental in helping me create my roadmap to my way home to myself, my sexuality and my power. This is Heart Work. This is about seeing what’s possible for you. Give yourself this gift. And if it feels intimidating or scary, then you definitely must do it!

~Domina Darla Luxe

Hi Colette, WOW. It feels surreal that the classes are over, my heart is yearning for more. I felt that there has been a well of deep innate knowledge that has been awaiting me and now that I have had a taste I want to swim within its knowing to emerge transformed by the becoming..

 Lady Mae


MistressClass is a profoundly inspiring and informative environment that has already had far reaching impacts in many areas of my life. Colette inspired me to accept lessons from grief, to discover that I actually could alchemize disempowering moments into profound opportunities for growth. I am blown away by how this class went so deep, helping us to define power, inviting us to share our deepest stories and offering insight into practicing an S/M relationship with the truth — all while making space for needle play demos. What a whirlwind! I am grateful for the scope, breadth and vulnerability of what she and the guest teachers shared. It was so much more than I could have hoped for. My eternal gratitude to Colette and the incredible community of kindhearted, playful and generous people she brings together. 

Donna Valentina


I am just in awe! I’ve done a lot of self development work, courses and workshops for over 10 years. And THIS, IS THE MOST POTENT THING I EVER DONE!!! Thank you Colette ~ You and the community you’re creating is POWERFULLLLL ~~~ AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! When I say MistressClass changed me, I really do mean it. And to be quite honest the change has been very uncomfortable but at the same time very liberating. Healing is uncomfortable because you have to face the things you’ve been avoiding and running away from all your life. I feel extremely uncomfortable as I shed from my old skin and into a new and more empowered one. But I am grateful. I’m holding in my heart everyone in our class that is also going through deep transformative change. Sending you all so much love. I know I keep saying this but thank you Colette from the bottom of my heart. This work is freaking craaaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Goddess Z


Thank you to Colette for her relentless heart & passion in holding space for us. Colette creates a witchy container for us to cast our spells and realise the magick. Her love and adoration for her subs and all of us on our individual journeys is a healing gift to the feminine & our future as humans ♥️

~Domina Zenith

MistressClass is such a powerful experience. It’s the perfect blend of building practical skills as well as diving into higher level concepts around Kink, BDSM, and power exchange. It’s not just a class, it’s a community of like-minded Dommes whom want to discover their power whilst lifting each other up.

~Goddess Faye

My experience coming into the class was very open-minded with no expectations. And what I ended up with was such an overflow of certainty of my feminine energy as well as a reminder why I love this community. MistressClass is an amazing experience. The wisdom and skills taught are top notch that not only aid you in your transition as a Domina but these tools also apply in your daily life to reach your goals. Also the access to such a beautiful sisterhood community of wonderful women that are on the path just as you are and want this as much as you do is really unlike any resource of Domme training. I’m so blessed and thankful I did this.

~Onyx Muse

Colette, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and power through Mistress Class. The proper introduction to what it means to be a Domme has entirely changed my life.. 

Goddess Lila

Hi Colette! Omg thank you! I’m still in disbelief that I’m taking your class. You are a beautiful gem and a angel brought me to you. That’s fucking crazy. I’ve seen a lot of improvement to my days since my first class. I’ve been getting a little comfortable with my humility and shame. Your words really touch my heart and my soul. Thank you so much Domme mom I love you so much! You are a wonderful human being and all the people that’s taking your class are a wonder too!

Mistress Bianca

This class has been truly inspiring, empowering, and informative! I loved watching the live practice scenes with the subs and all of the wonderful guest appearances! Thank you Mistress Colette for being such a great teacher!

~Goddess Gabriela Grove

Dear Colette, I wanted to reach out to you and express my gratitude to you for creating this incredible space filled with so much magic. I’ve gained such an incredible amount of inner wisdom since the beginning of this journey. The first lesson on truth and power has been so impactful to me, and it is the territory I keep navigating as I build more capacity in my system to hold my truth. With love and gratitude, 

Mistress M

MistressClass has radically transformed my whole self, even outside the dungeon. My mindset has never been clearer, my knowledge about becoming a domme has never felt more solid, and I feel like I am able to take on exactly what I want, from here forth. Transformative in all aspect. This class ran like velvet.

 Lady Wren

Colette, MistressClass was a totally unique experience. Your leadership, the generosity of all the guest speakers, and the way in which so many students felt inspired and encouraged to share their experiences were all filled with so much heart. The class is a major contribution and remedy to the alienating aspects of sex work and all healing work that takes place outside of institutions or on the fringes of capitalism. You demystify the domme and ground her into her own personal experience while maintaining a universal perspective. I am so looking forward to your work continuing to flower and to mother all the baby dommes into existence. I am on my way into my first Saturn Return and as I continue to come to voice and find a place for my unique skills and desires I will take the experience of MistressClass with me and all of the opportunities it has afforded my sense of what’s possible.

Domina S

Before I started MistressClass, I wasn’t sure what to expect –but what I took away was far more valuable and intangible than I would have imagined. I gained greater self-acceptance, confidence, and knowledge on how to pursue my dreams – kinky & beyond. Colette taught me not just the physical aspects of BDSM but helped me gain the confidence to accept and pursue the life I want to lead.

Mistress Eve


What was offered in MistressClass was something that you can’t look up or find on your own, which was the collected experiences of seasoned Dommes, the opportunity to play with seasoned subs, and the networking potentials of connecting to Colette’s sprawling, worldwide community. This went above and beyond my desires and I feel very satisfied with the outcomes and very blessed by Colette’s generous
and astute pedagogical style.

 Madame X

MistressClass is life-changing. You’ll find a power and an awareness of your own destiny, You’ll find desires and abilities you never knew you had. You’ll be transported. You’ll grow. You’ll find the magic that you came for, because Colette is its vehicle.


There were so many valuable elements I learned and will remember form this class. I want to rewatch all the classes again, so I can absorb more information. I loved the camaraderie and support I had with other Dommes. Having the support of other women by my side was really powerful. I’ve mainly had guy friends and very few women friends, but having this sisterhood was very refreshing. I’ve been needing more feminine energy in my life. Connecting with subs was something that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I loved hearing from the guest Dommes in class and their different styles and techniques. I was relieved to know that I don’t have to dress or act a certain way to please my subs. I can be myself and do what pleases me, and try to line that up with people who would be pleased by my desires.

 Mistress Diana

Since MistressClass I’ve experienced massive shifts. I went from being just curious, from working in Honey Birdette selling bondage and lingerie with a passion for something deeper, to actually launching my website and now looking for a commercial space from which I shall operate from as an Energy Worker, Sexual Educator & Diciplinatrix. I am so excited to see what the future holds as my unfolding in these past couples of months has been rapid, but it is the most like myself
I have ever felt in my life.

 Miss Kate

My inner Domme had always been there, but it was more like a caged bird gnawing at her bars. MistressClass inspired me to not only free her, but make amends with her in the hopes that, through healing and acceptance, the power my moniker holds will be fully realized.

Lady Midnight

I am so excited to start my Pro Domme journey!!!!!! I am just so excited to grow, meet more domme sisters, and to keep weaving upon this ever expanding web of powerful femmes. I feel so honored to be part of it. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING COLETTE <3 How lucky am I to have been part of your first MistressClass. I love you so much.

Mistress Crane

To say MistressClass is a life-changing experience is an understatement. Under the guidance of Colette as our fierce leader, we peel back the layers and dive deep into our roots to learn and love our story, so can clearly envision our path ahead and have the agency to write our future. Colette holistically weaves BDSM into real-life metaphors for personal change and teaches us to identify our bondages, so we can step into our power. We also learned from several other incredible guest speakers, most of whom were women of color. There was so much richness and diversity in how immersive and integrated the lesson plans and assignments were. Colette has created the safest container and built such a powerful community for us to learn, explore, heal, and grow together. I am forever grateful to be a part of this coven. 

 Empress Tien

The class is phenomenal. There was so much more to catch the second time around in the replays and I’ll probably comb through the videos a third time. There were a lot of gold nuggets everywhere throughout the course.


Colette Pervette is a sensitive, passionate guide for aspiring Dommes. I learned so much about myself, what I desire, and how to bring it forward.

~Bastet Mystique

My initial desire when signing up for MistressClass was working to find and harness an inner confidence in order to move forward in my Domme work. Although I was unable to attend the live sessions on account of scheduling conflicts with work and school, the recorded sessions offered great insight and moving conversations that have sparked my convictions once more. Taking this class absolutely aided in reconnecting with my dormant creativity brought about by hesitation and doubt in my craft, and I thank Mistress Colette every day for her fervor and guidance in wanting to assist each and every one of us on our journey. My inner Domme had always been there, but was more like a caged bird gnawing at her bars. MistressClass inspired me to not only free her, but make amends with her through healing and acceptance, the power my moniker holds became fully realized.

 Lady Alecto

My initial desire was to learn how to cultivate my power, and this class absolutely met my desire in that regard. There were so many valuable tools and lessons that were taught to me that will aid me greatly on my quest to put domme energy into my everyday life and to go after what I truly want and desire.

Domina Desirae

My initial desire for signing up for Mistress Class was to listen to my heart. I had to come out of my shadow (subconscious) and let myself feel what it is like to be dominant (conscious). The class empowered me to let my Domme play. To show up, put myself first and put all the choices on the table. To play in a community of like minded people who are so obsessed with serving others. To have the opportunity to witness myself and others move through the places of a wanna be domme to baby domme to pro domme. Through MistressClass, I gave myself a gift. The gift of letting my dreams guide me.

 Mistress Arcturus

As a new Pro Domme, I came to MistressClass with a desire to learn practical skills and build my confidence. MistressClass did indeed meet this need. I felt a shift in the way I experience my role in difficult situations. For example, if I’m experiencing pain (physical or emotional) in the situation, I look for the ways the situation gives me power, pleasure or pain…or all 3. This for me is so witchy, alchemical, kinky and just plain clever. This process invites me to feel acceptance for my sophisticated animal desires and I’m enjoying getting off on making my “pain” my bitch. I’m finding so much pleasure, joy and vibrancy in this kinky game. I want to play more in these dynamics and feel into being a switch for the mere pleasure of celebrating my existence.

 Lady Echo

Dear Colette, when I enrolled in your course, I wanted to feel less shame, and to feel more comfortable embracing my desires. Mistressclass certainly jerked me onto a more self-affirming rail, as opposed to the sabotaging and neglectful one I was on before. I know I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I sense the profound shift in me and I am so grateful. I think that taking the class made me more bold, and made me realize just how much control I had over my life. It wasn’t something just aimlessly whipping in the wind, something I had to brace myself for in uncertainty. I could ask for what I wanted, I could put it out there, and I had to take control of it to get closer to where I wanted to be. The idea of empowering fantasies, of being inherently perfect, of having so so much power, of examining, exploring, and expressing truth to create a shared reality. These ideas shifted my way of thinking and how I thought of myself. I still struggle to enact them, it’s not always been easy, but it was so so so necessary. Something I needed to hear but never really trusted anyone to tell me. But within the first 10 minutes of talking with you, Colette, I has felt so at ease– on the verge of tears. You saw right through me and cradled me so gently. The environment you created for me, shame-free and honest, is one I now endeavor to create for both myself and everyone I interact with.

 Lady Layla


The concepts and tools were very valuable for me, as well as learning from guest dommes and then connecting with subs. The three were almost like. A flow chart ? Or a cycle? From the tools I learned about myself and what I wanted, and some of why I wanted then and what was holding me back -> from the guest dommes I learned concrete techniques I could use to get what I wanted -> from the subs I not only got what I wanted, but learned more about myself and my wants / desires, which led me back to step 1. It was a very upwards cycle!

 Mistress Knox

My initial desire for signing up for Mistress Class was to listen to my heart. I had to come out of my shadow (subconscious) and let myself feel what it is like to be dominant (conscious). The class empowered me to let my Domme play. To show up, put myself first and put all the choices on the table. To play in a community of like minded people who are so obsessed with serving others. To have the opportunity to witness myself and others move through the places of wanna be domme to baby domme to pro domme was profound. I gave myself a gift. The gift of letting my dreams guide me.

Mistress Esmee


Having subs involved and being able to witness the structure of a live session was a powerful experience. And I extend my thanks to both those in submissive roles and the Dommes sharing space with them. Being in an area where access to in-person mentorships is almost nonexistent, having the opportunity to “shadow” in a way was a key point
towards my learning experience.

Goddess Selena

One of the most valuable things I took away from MistressClass was the self-inquiry that came with seeing myself reflected in Colette, in her words, in her journey, in her truth. Feeling a total resonance to her and what she does and realising that this is who I am and that I signed up to the course initially out of curiosity and quickly I realised – this is my path, it’s not just about becoming more empowered. I loved the different perspectives from the guest speakers, and the subs. I loved connecting with the subs and just getting insight from several different people and even some of the community. I took so many notes and have formed my profile, name, website, look, language and even obtained clients since starting the course.

 Aurora Eldora


Colette is a legend!

~Queen Valora

Sharing and exchanging energies with folks of so many different strokes through this class has really motivated me to delve into the psychology of what’s going on during the theatre of D/s play, especially within myself. I was able to identify and get to know a LOT of new parts of myself that I had never before experienced or had the opportunity to meet. One of the biggest shifts I noticed within myself was I feel a lot more fearlessness about owning my truth, no matter what it is. Thank you so much Colette!!

Mistress Cameron

Colette, I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to learn the book and heart knowledge from the best Domme instructor the world has yet known, so thank you and a deep bow to you for that. 

Sweet Lady Laura

MistressClass is leaving my mind blown, exceeding anything I could have imagined. So honored to be part of such a powerful and transformative group to fully embody liberate, and elevate the alluring and irresistible power of the divine feminine. Colette, thank you for your supreme insight, intelligence, encouragement, compassion, conviction, and most importantly your heart and vulnerability. I needed this way more than I knew, and it’s so beautiful to connect with so many other dedicated Femmes feeling the same way. It felt like a religious experience. It was honoring and inspiring to relate to so many other women and allow myself to not feel alone in transmuting. the power in rising from shared wounds. The spiritual aspect of this practice is exactly what I called out to find me. Colette, you are such a beautiful woman inside and out. You set my soul on fire to light my path again. I can’t wait for this new chapter of my life and self realization. Eternal gratitude for you and the work you do.

~Goddess Kali

If you’re ready to join MistressClass, just say yes to your desire..

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