The highest form of intelligence is observation without evaluation1This is from Krishnamurti quoted in the book Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg. It takes a moment for it to sink in, but when it does, it’s a truism that can’t be denied. The highest form of intelligence is to perceive without judgment. For many that’s really hard to do. We’re so quick to judge ourselves and the world around us. This is good, that is bad. That’s right/wrong. That’s normal/crazy.. Can we really perceive without judgment? We can. But it’s a challenge. To become aware of our judgments. It’s a practice. To become aware of our judgments. It’s a transformation. To become aware of our judgments. It’s an evolution.. can we evolve to a place within ourselves and in this world where we can perceive without judgment? Can we think, act and speak without judgment? Can we transcend our conditioned binary ways of thinking? But why should we?

To judge something is to cease to understand it2Or another way to put it is judgment kills your curiosity and capacity to learn, change and grow. Judgment stops you from learning about and understanding the thing that you are judging. A judgement is a label and a wall that you put up between yourself and the thing you’re judging. So if you judge another, you will cease to truly understand them. If you judge yourself, you cease to know and explore yourself. We judge what we don’t know. We don’t know or understand what we judge. Therefore judgment is the greatest limiter to learning and growth. Then how do we stop judging?

The antidote to judgment is curiosity3Instead of jumping to judgment-based conclusions, ask questions. Ask why? Ask how? This one radical act will change you. And your world. It will set you on a path of unending adventures of exploring yourself and the world around you. When you let your judgment guide you, it leads you to dead ends and infinite loops in your mind and world. When you let your curiosity guide you, this will lead you to unknown parts of yourself and the world beyond you and your imagination. This will expand your perspectives, your experiences and your ways of knowing and growing

The key that unlocks you and the world around you is to approach everything with an open heart and mind4Can you approach the unknown with compassion and curiosity? If you can, you hold the key to infinite possibilities..