Who is Colette?

Who am I?

If you search the web, you might know me as a professional dominatrix.

But it’s here through Pervette that I’m trying to show you the other sides of myself and what I have to offer..


If you go down the Dominatrix path, you can find the way to play with me and our fantasies.

If you choose the Educatrix path, you can learn from my experiences.

If you opt for the Shamanatrix path, you can hear about my psychedelic journeys and possibly embark on one yourself.

If you go deep down the Humanatrix path, you can learn about my story.

If you select the Creatrix path, you can explore my visions and go behind the scenes and see how I plan to actualize my wildest dreams.


Hopefully over time, as we go deeper down these rabbitholes, you’ll begin to see a more complete and evolving portrait of me and who I want to be..


Back to when you said yes to me..