Who is Colette?

“Who are you?” said the Caterpillar…

“I – I hardly know, Sir, just at present,” Alice replied rather shyly, “at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must’ve changed several times since then.”

-Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland


Who am I?

I’m Colette.

If you search the web, you might know me as a professional Dominatrix. I’ve been exploring the art of BDSM for over 15 years. I spent the first decade of my career going deep in the practice of BDSM. Then I spent the following 5 years going inward1doing the work on self and contemplating the theory behind the practice of BDSM and since then have developed a philosophy and heartistic approach to this sacred art that I’d love to share with you.2that is, if you’re curious to explore your innermost fantasies and understand the root of your desires and where it can lead you in life..

I hold a PhD in Education from UC Berkeley. My research focuses on misconceptions and conceptual change. More recently, I’ve blended these two paths3Dominatrix X PhD in Education and have stepped into the role of an Educatrix. I’m here to dispel the misconceptions you might have about your self4in particular, your self-limiting beliefs and the world around you5in such topics as sex, drugs, kink, spirituality, the taboo. I teach women how to heal from heartbreak¬†and channel their inner dominatrix. I also mentor and train women to become professional dominatrixes. My work is to bring back the power of the Feminine. Because the world needs more women in power.6Specifically, we need more women tapping into their sexuality and harnessing that life energy as their power

I am also a multidimensional travel guide. Having communed with sacred medicine, I offer myself as a Shamanatrix, a woman who can lead you into the unknown.7that is the depths of your subconscious Getting intimate with the sacred medicine of our earth is one of the most healing and profound journeys one can take in their lifetime. Like BDSM, sacred medicine is another path to an altered state of consciousness. To choose this journey is to choose to go through the doors of perception and see the world through a wider and more in-depth lens.

I am a Humanatrix. I am a woman who longs to connect with you though our humanly capacities. What makes us human is our capacity to tell and share stories. I want to share with you mine, in hopes that you will feel inspired to share with me yours.

I am a Creatrix. I create my reality by following my dream and exploring my fantasies. I want to show you how to make magic. And by making magic, I mean making your dreams come true.





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