Every time I think I’m moving forward, I circle back and begin again.

This is the eighth beginning of Pervette. And probably not the last. Every time I begin again, I think I’m on to something. But then I see my flaws, lose my flow, get stuck, reach a dead end and start over. And every time I start over, I think I’m getting (or bringing you) closer to reality. Or at least my own reality.

What am I doing? Why am I here? I guess I’m trying to change. Myself. And the world around me (which yes, now that you’re here, includes you). I have this idea that if I can show you how I learn and grow by giving you the choices that I made (or am making or about to make), I can possibly shift the way you see and move through the world (hopefully in a more positive way).

I’m not saying that I know the way or have all the answers. All I can say is that I’m trying my best. To carve a different path and show you what I see along the way. And what I see are clues and signs on where to go and (when I’m lost) how to begin again. And hopefully, with each go around, I can show you how I move with a little bit more clarity and honesty.

I know this is strange and slightly confusing. A website that doesn’t know where it’s going and keeps on changing? In a way, this is my life.

This is how I begin, this is how I get lost, this is how I get unstuck and begin yet again.

So thank you, for being curious enough to arrive here, on the same page with me.

And hopefully maybe we can keep on moving forward together..


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